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People & Organization

Drive your performance through people & teams

How can you achieve sustainable progress while adhering to data privacy and AI requirements? How can you focus on new regulations while managing the day to day tasks? How can you unlock the inherent value in AI and data privacy while upholding established processes? We assist you in navigating these challenges and beyond, ensuring the attraction and retention of top talent to accelerate your operational and compliance objectives.

How we help to drive change through people

Data privacy and AI require cross-functional teams that are able to understand a wide range of functions and address rapidly growing requirements. We help in structuring teams efficiently to ensure that ways of working are tailored to meet specific needs.

Our tailored talent strategies and solutions ensure teams remain adaptable and equipped to address the unique challenges posed by data privacy and AI.


& Talent

We fine-tine our services to leverage their organizational potential, by identifying and attracting top-tier professionals skilled in navigating the complexities of data privacy regulations and AI. We enhance team effectiveness, fostering collaboration and productivity essential for success in this rapidly evolving field.

Behavior & Culture Change

We specialize in behavior and culture change, facilitating transformative shifts within organizations to understand the value of data privacy and AI. Through targeted efforts, we cultivate a culture of trust, education, and responsibility, driving value beyond compliance.



We refine your operating model to enhance the effectiveness of data privacy and AI requirements. Through meticulous analysis and strategic adjustments, we tailor your operations to align seamlessly with your goals, ensuring sustained success and adaptability in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

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Culture is the continuous manifestation of your team's behavior. It is a collective mindset, driven by how practices, beliefs and values are shared across the business. 

Culture dictates how things get done.

Now, data privacy and AI principles are starting to permeate existing cultures, shaping the way in we talk about data, customers and people.  

The ability to attract, develop, and retain talent —your people—will determine your success as a business in the years ahead. We assist you in understanding, defining, establishing, and reinforcing an organizational culture that includes data privacy and AI principles.


Embedding this in your organization's culture is a way to reduce data protection regulatory risks by diffusing critical measures and standards. Ensuring your culture includes these principles will also pave the way to increased employee engagement, awareness of ethical responsibilities and more efficient operations. 

The journey to developing culture

Purpose, Beliefs & Values

We work closely with organizations to define and articulate their purpose, beliefs, and values, ensuring alignment with a culture of privacy and ethical practices.Through collaborative workshops and strategic discussions, we help companies establish a clear and compelling purpose, embed privacy-related beliefs, and reinforce core values throughout their culture transformation journey.

& Drivers

Our culture transformation approach identifies key enablers and drivers necessary to foster a culture of privacy within organizations, including leadership commitment, robust policies, and effective communication channels. By implementing tailored strategies and initiatives, we empower clients to build a supportive infrastructure that enables privacy-centric behaviors, driving sustained cultural change and organizational resilience.

Collective Behaviors

We focus on shaping collective behaviors by fostering a culture of accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement around privacy practices. Through targeted interventions, training programs, and ongoing reinforcement efforts, we help cultivate a shared understanding and commitment to privacy across all levels of the organization, ensuring that desired behaviors become ingrained in the company culture.

What to expect as part of a culture change

Through comprehensive analysis and consultation, we help clients understand the existing culture within their organization, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Together, we define the desired culture aligned with their values and objectives, establishing clear frameworks and practices to cultivate it. Our ongoing support and guidance ensure that the desired culture is consistently reinforced, driving positive behaviors and outcomes across the organization.

Cultural transformation | Successful integration | Team restructuring | Target operating model

Standard operating procedures | Talent optimization | Talent recruitment Training & Comms

Zero-based design | Decisional effectiveness  Behavior change Agile methodologies

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Client takeaways

We continue to see clients struggling to find candidates with the right mix of regulatory knowledge and industry experience. 

Our Data Privacy & AI Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services are exclusively available to existing clients that require a specific profiles with data protection and AI backgrounds. 

Redefined Approach - We go beyond traditional recruitment services by offering comprehensive end-to-end recruitment of data privacy and AI professionals. With a flexible approach and facilitated terms, we provide an effective process to your next hire.

Culture Carriers - We validate and screen candidates using industry and legal standards to make sure they can deliver individuals who make a difference. We work closely with clients to understand specific needs, enabling us to identify candidates who possess the precise blend of skills and expertise to enact positive change with clients' existing teams and culture.

Our Network - Our long-standing experience across multiple sectors, industries, clients and territories allows us to leverage our professional network to identify and approach suitable candidates. With a commitment to discretion and anonymity, we ensure that the recruitment process remains reserved and confidential at every stage.

Experienced Roles - From Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Compliance Officers, and Data Privacy Managers, our team is equipped to support you in sourcing and recruiting talent at every level of your organization. With a keen focus on experience in data privacy, protection, and AI, we ensure that each candidate possesses the requisite skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of today's regulatory landscapes.

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