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AI & its double-edged sword

The fear of falling behind in adopting AI places pressure on organizations to embed AI capabilities without ensuring comprehensive compliance measures are taken. An understanding of how AI intersects with privacy is crucial to navigate the challenges and pitfalls of an increasingly dynamic AI and data protection landscape.

Used correctly, AI is a true accelerator that can fill the divide caused by growing regulatory requirements and not enough resources to consistently meet them. Our range of services offer end-to-end support and solutions in addressing the chain of compliance and are designed to help you tackle each phase of your evolving AI journey.

Discover how we address the challenges and value AI provides.

& Compliance

Our Strategy & Advisory services are designed to help our clients understand the challenges posed by AI regulation and overcome them in a coordinated way, providing the foundations upon which a lasting AI Governance Framework can be developed.

Responsible AI

Our approach takes into account our clients’ unique business requirements, the risks associated with their AI systems and the wider regulatory landscape to ensure AI safety is considered throughout the entire development lifecycle – design, data acquisition, deployment and monitoring, AI training and testing.

AI Governance 

& Frameworks

We provide our clients with the tools they need to harness the power of AI in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner. Our tailored solutions enable clients to establish, implement, and continually improve their AI Governance Programs, taking into account business needs and the risks associated with AI use.


AI Governance is an iterative process. By methodically assessing each phase of implementation, we provide actionable insights that offer visibility into regulatory requirements and how to achieve best practices. Our audit and assessment services assess the maturity of your AI solutions, offering a comprehensive review whether you're deploying a new AI model or refining existing processes. We deliver a bespoke evaluation, aligning your AI practices with regulatory, tech and industry benchmarks.

Featured AI related solutions

AI Governance | AI Frameworks | AI Compliance Monitoring | Responsible AI Design

AI  Bias Testing | AI Risk Assessments | Remediation AI & Ethics Assessment

Automated Data Discovery  AI-supported DSR Management  AI Risk Management

Bridge Structure
Developing tools for Responsible AI

Responsible AI is not only a legal requirement, it also serves to protect the end user by approaching design with a human touch. We provide a risk-based approach to responsible and ethical AI design, enabling our clients to lead by example.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Navigating the complexities of AI deployment requires a sharp focus on compliance, ethics, and effective stakeholder engagement.

We specialize in streamlining this process by providing AI governance and privacy-enhancing technology solutions. Our services are designed to facilitate data privacy, ensure adherence to regulations, and minimize errors. We guide clients through selecting and managing these tools, accelerators and technologies.

Our partner-driven solutions to embed AI into your operations

Data Mapping

Risk Management


Response Management

Policies Compliance

PET Implementation

AI Support

To find out more about our AI services and capabilities, or how to address certain AI challenges, get in touch with our Consulting team. 

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