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M&A Compliance Services

Accurate assessments,
swift M&A outcomes.

Data privacy is crucial in M&A due to the high stakes involved in transferring and integrating sensitive data. Inadequate data management can lead to legal issues and loss of stakeholder trust, potentially devaluing the entire transaction. Conversely, robust data management can significantly increase transaction value.


Our approach ensures that your M&A activities are compliant and secure, protecting both assets and reputations, and enhancing or safeguarding value where it matters most. 

Why Data Privacy Matters in M&A

Often underestimated, the complexities of data privacy can derail M&A transactions if not properly managed. From ensuring lawful data transfers to maintaining compliance with global privacy laws, every step is critical. Our expertise ensures you navigate these waters without incident, turning potential risks into well-managed assets.

Key benefits of our M&A compliance Services include:



Meeting of data privacy and AI regulatory requirements, ensuring your M&A activities comply with local laws and legal and secure data best practices across transactions.



Reduced risk by assess and mitigating legal, regulatory and data related risks associated with AI and data privacy within M&A activities.



Leverage the strategic and commercial potential of your M&A deals by maximising the inherent value of data and compliant data collection and governance processes.

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Our approach to AI & Data Privacy practices within M&A

As companies increasingly rely on artificial intelligence to drive stakeholder value, the complexity of ensuring data privacy during M&A transactions escalates. Our tailored service provides the expertise needed to navigate these challenges.

Navigate the complexities of integrating advanced technology and strict privacy laws during your M&A processes with our guidance and range of service:

AI & Data Privacy Audits

We conduct comprehensive audits to evaluate the current state of data privacy practices of both merging entities, identifying potential risks and areas for improvement.

Data Discovery

By perform in-depth assessments, we ensure all data practices comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks.

Remediation Plans

We develop strategic remediation plans to address any compliance gaps found during audits and assessments, ensuring seamless legal continuity throughout the M&A process.

Monitoring and Support

Provide continuous monitoring and support to maintain compliance as the merged entity evolves, adapting to new regulatory requirements and business needs.


Data Privacy Integration

During acquisitions, thorough due diligence is essential to understand the data privacy landscape of the target company. Our approach includes evaluating compliance with applicable privacy laws, assessing data management practices, and identifying any gaps that could pose risks. We also consider the implications of different transaction structures on data privacy.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Post-acquisition, we focus on integrating privacy compliance into the new entity's operations, ensuring continuous alignment with legal requirements and best practices.


Protecting Data During Separation

In divestments, our priority is safeguarding data during the separation process. This includes securing data transfers and ensuring the correct handling of personal data to prevent breaches. We assess the privacy implications of the divestment structure and offer strategic advice on managing legacy data and liabilities.

Transition and Compliance

We provide support in setting up transitional services agreements that comply with privacy laws, ensuring that both seller and purchaser uphold data protection standards throughout the transition


Managing Data Privacy During Liquidation

Liquidation presents unique privacy challenges. Our services include overseeing the secure processing and erasure of personal data, fulfilling data subject rights, and ensuring compliance during the winding down process.

Data Retention and Legal Obligations

We guide companies on legally required data retention during liquidation, including managing any ongoing obligations such as responses to data subject requests and regulatory requirements.

Notification and Communication

Effective communication is crucial during liquidation to inform data subjects about how their data will be handled, how they can exercise their rights, and updates on the status of their data. We ensure transparent communication that aligns with privacy regulations and maintains trust.

How to provide
assurances within
Share Purchase Agreements

By embedding privacy considerations such as representations, warranties, indemnities, and covenants directly into the SPA, both buyers and sellers can manage risks effectively, ensuring compliance and continuity in the new business environment.

Representations and Warranties

Assurances from the seller confirm the accuracy of stated facts about their data practices, including compliance with data protection laws and absence of data breaches. These elements are crucial to provide the purchaser with confidence in the integrity of the transaction.



Responsibility for specific known risks is addressed through indemnities, particularly for situations like unresolved data breaches, where the seller compensates the purchaser for losses resulting from these breaches.

Pre-Completion Covenants

These covenants involve actions the seller must take before deal closure to mitigate risks, such as updating privacy statements or securing necessary regulatory approvals for data transfers.

Post-Completion Covenants

Post-deal, these covenants ensure the seller or the target’s executive team continues to uphold data privacy measures required to integrate and manage the target business effectively under the new ownership.

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Engage with our experts today to fortify your M&A activities against data privacy risks. Let us tailor our approach to fit your specific needs, ensuring a secure, compliant, and successful transaction.

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