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Data Subject Requests

In today's global landscape, data privacy regulations aim to empower individuals by giving them control over their personal data. These regulations encompass a range of rights, including the right to erasure and the right to data portability, each accompanied by its own set of intricate requirements. Mishandling these rights can lead to complex legal issues and damage to your reputation.

When operating on a global scale, efficiently identifying the jurisdiction of each data subject is paramount. The timelines for addressing Data Subject Requests (DSRs) can vary significantly among different regions. Therefore, establishing a clear and easily understandable framework is essential, whether you're dealing with GDPR or non-GDPR regulations, to ensure timely and appropriate responses.


How We Deal With
Data Subject Requests

We provide the resources to navigate the diverse timelines associated with DSRs, whether under GDPR or regulations worldwide. Our commitment to these timelines not only ensures compliance but also helps establish your organization as a proactive guardian of privacy, bolstering your reputation with consumers.



Global Compliance Framework

We work closely with your organization to tailor a best-practice approach that aligns with legal requirements. Our experts help you design a DSR process uniquely suited to your needs, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

DSRs can often lead to a high volume of requests, which can be challenging to manage manually. We establish automation systems in collaboration with trusted partners, such as OneTrust, to provide a quick and streamlined solution for handling DSRs.

For organizations operating on a global scale, identifying the jurisdiction of each data subject and understanding the varying timelines for DSRs is crucial. We offer a comprehensive and easily understandable global compliance framework, addressing both GDPR and non-GDPR regulations. This ensures that you can provide an adequate response to DSRs in a timely manner, regardless of where your data subjects are located.

Data Subject Requests steps

Responsive support when you need it most. 

Lex Dinamica's Approach to Data Privacy

We empower you to navigate complex data subject requests with confidence and precision. We provide the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive compliance.

Global Reach

Streamlined Approach 


For organizations with a global presence, we establish a clear and easily navigable framework for compliance across diverse jurisdictions. We simplify the complexities of global data privacy.

Our automation solutions streamline DSR processes, delivering efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Benefit from reduced manual effort and faster response times.

With our redaction services, we offer an extra layer of document security during DSAR processing, ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive information.

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Redaction Services

Our redaction services stand as a barrier between sensitive information and unauthorized access. We meticulously and professionally sanitize documents, removing or obscuring confidential data points to ensure compliance with data protection regulations while actioning data subject access requests (DSARs). Whether it's redacting personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive content, our skilled team and advanced technologies guarantee that your documents remain secure while preserving their utility. With our redaction services, you can confidently share, store, or distribute critical information without compromising privacy or security.

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