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Data Protection Training chairs

Data Protection Training 

Promoting a culture of privacy across your business through compliance-oriented trainings and workshops

Cultivating a culture of privacy across the entire company, beyond the rules directly responsible for data management, is crucial for ensuring organizational data protection by design. However, it can be challenging to stay informed in the complex and ever-evolving regulatory landscape and navigate the software developments introduced to reflect it. Still, with the vast amounts of data powering every area of business these days, privacy training provides crucial skills for every employee.

How We Deliver Our Training Solutions

General Data Privacy


We offer general, cross-functional data privacy and data protection trainings to all teams that come into contact with the data processed by our client company. The content is tailored to the needs of the company, but covers the basics of data governance and management, data protection principles, as well as the overview of relevant legislation.

Software Training 

We offer trainings in software implementation and management, on the specific software solution adopted by our client for data management purposes.

Learning Management


We support our clients in choosing and implementing a Learning Management System to automate recurring trainings for employees across the company.

Deep-dives & Workshops

If general training is insufficient for your purposes, we also run in-depth workshops focused around hypothetical scenarios and case studies from the client’s industry, to fully integrate the business context into data governance decisions.

Data Protection Training talk

Our flexible service models facilitate our ways of working with clients, providing leading capabilities at competitive rates.

We deliver value by partnering with you and integrating seamlessly into your Learning Management Systems and processes to deliver sustainable and ongoing support.

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