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Data Privacy & AI

Delivering Long-lasting Value

Our data privacy managed services are specifically designed to provide comprehensive, tailored and reliable support. Whether it's ongoing compliance, incident response preparedness, or staying ahead of regulatory shifts, entrusting your data privacy management to us allows you to navigate the intricate landscape of data protection with confidence and focus.

Proactive Privacy Monitoring

We ensure continuous vigilance over your data privacy practices, systems, and processes, promptly identifying potential vulnerabilities and ensuring strict compliance with data protection regulations.

Budget Predictability

With transparent, fixed pricing, our data privacy managed services let you budget efficiently while avoiding unexpected expenses tied to privacy upkeep.

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with the complexities of regulatory compliance. We ensure that your data privacy practices are aligned with ever-evolving laws, regulatory guidance, decisions and industry standards.

Expert Data Privacy Knowledge

Benefit from our full range of consultants and legal experts to provide specialized data privacy expertise, ensuring your practices are not only compliant but also forward-looking and adaptive to industry shifts.

Incident Readiness and Response

Comprehensive incident response plans, enabling swift and effective actions in case of data breaches or privacy incidents, ultimately mitigating potential harm and legal consequences.

Scalable Solutions

Tailored to your organization's evolving needs, our services can be easily scaled to match your data privacy requirements as your operations grow.

Brush Strokes

Our flexible service models facilitate our ways of working with clients, providing leading capabilities at competitive rates.

We deliver value by partnering with you and integrating seamlessly into your team to deliver sustainable and ongoing support.

End-to-End Services

All of our services and capabilities can be delivered as part of a managed service solution.Through the provision of an ongoing service, Lex Dinamica operates as a unit and collaborates closely with the client to deliver end-to-end data privacy and consumer data governance solutions. This removes restructuring costs and allows for agility and scalability as part of a partnership. 

We can take on the critical role of overseeing, maintaining, or enhancing your data privacy practices. In short, we ensure that the value we deliver through managed services is long-lasting. 

Our related solutions integrated into a managed service

GDPR Compliance

Implement a Data Privacy Framework that is robust, scalable and sustainable


Steer your ship in the right direction with a Data Privacy Strategy that's effective

Risk Management

Embed Risk Management processes and procedures that work

Technical Implementation

Transform your compliance practices with the latest industry-leading technology

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