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Audits and Assessments

Using our best practice frameworks to assess your regulatory risks, requirements, and opportunities

Our Data Privacy Assessments examine whether and to what extent you have implemented the relevant data privacy regulations and the current state of data protection practices within an organization. Our assessments range from the identification of data risks to the implementation of a remediation plan addressing your data privacy aims for specific use cases or your entire organization. 

Our Data Privacy Assessments have been tried-and-tested across a range of clients and industries. We observe and propel the value of data privacy whilst empowering companies to maximize the use of their data through forward-thinking and strategy orientated solutions. 

What Strategic
Assessments Do We Offer?

Data Privacy Audits

Gap Assessments

Our Data Privacy Audit evaluates the current state of your data governance and data privacy practices to date. The report will be collated as a result of a high level, interviewed-based assessment of the current capabilities and gaps in data governance and data privacy practices within your organization.

It aims to bring all stakeholders to a common understanding of the areas of improvement and address these as we develop the minimum viable data standards across your departments.

The introduction of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act have altered the landscape of data protection for companies. Our team can help you dynamically adapt to these changes. 


We will raise awareness through identifying compliance gaps against the criterion outlined by the GDPR. To ensure our solution is tailored to you, we will engage with key stakeholders and employees to identify relevant processing activities. These steps will define a clear and progressive roadmap to tailor GDPR requirements to your needs. 

Maturity Assessment

Our Maturity Assessment leverages a proven privacy methodology to review the current state of your organization and the ideal end-goal of data privacy maturity for you.

First and foremost, we review the policies, notices and processes which are currently in place. We then identify privacy related risks and gaps across your privacy program. Lastly, we amalgamate a range of actionable insights and recommendations to overcome recognized gaps. The maturity assessment can take place on a one-time offering or on an annual basis. 

M&A Data Privacy Assessments

Mergers and acquisitions can be crucial to growth for companies in business. However, in attempting to deal with its data centric elements, teams may lack the requisite privacy knowledge and well-established precedents to approach privacy risks arising in these transactions.  

Our team is experienced in navigating the M&A process and empower your legal and privacy teams to add value as essential stakeholders. To ensure risk mitigations our M&A assessment establishes a comprehensive privacy review internally and externally including due diligence and resource support during the post-completion stage of the transaction. We will ensure a smooth transition through onboarding and integrating with the privacy program of the relevant counterparty. 

Our data privacy assessments offer valuable insights into your data privacy practices. Simply put, they are a tool to help you to assess areas that present risks to your organization and take appropriate action. 

Additional Assessments
We Offer

Data Privacy Impact Assessment | Legitimate Interest Assessment | Transfer Impact Assessment | 3rd Party & Vendor Risk Assessment | Anonymization Assessment | ICO Registration Assessment | Assessment of Requests from Competent Authorities

Data Management Assessment forest

Assessments are where discovery begins.

Visibility into your practices and the right tools to address risks is what sets data privacy organizations apart. 

What Sets Us Apart

Understanding Regulatory Checkboxes

Tailored Assessments

Expertise Beyond
Short Supply

The language that outlines privacy regulations can be difficult to understand or implement in practice at times. We have extensive experience in interpreting both GDPR and relevant regulations 


We assess how your organization currently implements this in practice to understand the current data privacy framework. 


Our team consists of SMEs and consultants who work collaboratively to remediate any gaps identified through the Data Privacy Assessments, or direct you in addressing issues yourselves.

We understand that many organizations operate globally, and we aim to create homogeny across the legal entities of your organization. 

Our Data Privacy Assessments thus, provide a modular and scalable solution where our expertise in a range of data privacy regulations (US, GDPR, APPI and PIPL) can be leveraged to your global organization’s needs. 

We have the capacity needed to give our undivided attention to helping you reach your data privacy aims. 

We aim to bridge the gap between understanding what gaps have been identified in our Data Privacy Assessments and create a clear roadmap to implement a wholly compliant data privacy remediation plan in whichever state in may be in.

We can leverage our partnerships to automate processes to establish best business-as-usual data privacy practices within your organization. 

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AI & Data Privacy


Lex Dinamica's Benchmark Report focuses on organizations' data privacy capabilities and maturity, offering insight into how they're adapting to regulatory requirements and what data privacy practices they adopt.

Our Benchmark transforms insights into action, by mapping our clients' position against these industry benchmark and data privacy trends. Boasting from the most comprehensive comparative report, our data privacy-rich Benchmark is a valuable tool to help you understand what industry leaders are doing right and compare yourself to them. 

Our benchmark is not something we share publicly. It's specifically designed and tailored to equip you with relevant insights for your benefit. 
Get in touch with us to receive a snapshot of our Benchmark & find out how to be part of it.

DPO Enquiry

To find out more about whether or not you need a Data Protection Officer, DPO registrations, or how to address certain data privacy challenges get in touch with our legal team here. 

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