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Our Principles

An independent & trustworthy partner, guiding you through regulatory waters

We understand the complexities of navigating data protection regulations. Our mission is to be your unwavering partner, offering expertise that transcends compliance and builds a foundation of trust in your data practices.


Beyond the legal obligation, a DPO guarantees unswerving data protection practices across all operational tiers, cultivating security from the core to the upper echelons of management. In a landscape where compliance is paramount and trust is non-negotiable, having a reliable and independent figure by your side is essential. Our team of consultants and legal advisers are here to guide you through the intricate regulatory requirements, ensuring that you not only meet the necessary standards but exceed them.


With years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving data privacy landscape, we are dedicated to helping you thrive. Let us be your trusted companion as you navigate the regulatory waters, instilling confidence at every step.

The Role of a DPO

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is more than a mere compliance figure – they're an experienced data protection specialist who navigates the complex landscape of regulations that organizations must adhere to.

The DPO's key role is to supervise data protection practices within your organization - they serve as an independent advisor, overseeing data processing activities, offering guidance to ensure compliance with privacy laws, and serving as the contact point for data protection concerns. In essence, a DPO safeguards the appropriate handling of personal data, preserving individual rights and fostering a data privacy-conscious environment within the organization, upholding data protection regulations, as outlined in GDPR Article 37.

Plan, Deliver, Transform

Our Delivery & Remediation services offer a solution to data privacy and data governance issues. We leverage clients' existing capabilities and our collective experience to deliver tailored solutions, following the outcome of our assessments or any client requirements.  

As part of our delivery, we always work with our clients towards capability development, ensuring a degree of scalability and repeatability within our deliverables. 

Benefiting beyond compliance

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Redefining the value of data governance

We offer a practical way of dealing with local Data Privacy Regulations and using them to drive your data-driven strategies. We help you understand and leverage your data, so that it's compliant and more importantly, usable.

Lex Dinamica's DPO as a Service

A DPO is more than a mere compliance figure. They're an experienced data protection specialist who navigates the complex landscape of regulations that organizations must adhere to - and this is what we do. We offer tailored DPO as a Service solutions that encompass the pivotal responsibilities of a DPO while emphasizing added value.


Our DPO will serve as a knowledgeable guide, informing, advising, and training both you and your team on the intricacies of data privacy. Crucially, they'll be your direct point of contact for all data privacy matters, while providing board-level reporting for a comprehensive overview.


Data integration has become intrinsic to business operations. Beyond legal mandates, our DPO ensures consistent data protection practices, bridging gaps from operational levels to management.


Given the scarcity of qualified DPO candidates, outsourcing your DPO needs to Lex Dinamica ensures access to a seasoned team with profound experience in exercising this critical skill set. 

How we can help you

Compliance Oversight

  • Expert monitoring to ensure data processing activities align with data protection regulations, including GDPR.

  • Customized guidance to maintain compliance and transparency.

  • Independent oversight to promote impartial and effective data protection practices.

Strategic Guidance
& Support

  • Customized Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to identify and manage privacy risks.

  • Expert insights into data processing practices, ensuring alignment with GDPR principles.

  • Development and review of data protection policies, notices, and documentation.

Regulatory Interaction

  • Point of contact for communication with data protection authorities, including prompt breach reporting.

  • Expert handling of conflict resolution and escalation to regulatory bodies.

  • Assistance in managing data subject rights requests and ensuring transparent communication.

Proactive Collaboration & Training

  • Employee training and workshops to cultivate a data privacy-conscious culture.

  • Collaborative development of long-term data privacy strategies and roadmaps.

  • Expert guidance for DPO registrations, data processing, and legitimate grounds.      

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Working with us

Leverage our full team's capabilities by outsourcing your DPO function with us

Our DPOs are first and foremost experts in evaluating regulatory requirements and setting forth the required changes to meet those needs. By entrusting us with your DPO responsabilities, you will benefit from the firm's diverse skill-set and expertise. This comprehensive approach means we can successfully cater to organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Navigating Data Privacy Requirements

Our team is comprised of data privacy consultants and legal experts who have had ample experience in tailoring and simplifying the black letter legal requirements of both GDPR and non-GDPR regulations to organisations. Our solutions are designed to be scalable, to ensure they adapt to changing and growing requirements. Certain ad hoc requirements may necessitate more work within an immediate time period.  You can trust that we have experience in providing the services of a DPO to ensure flexibility, so you are not left short of resources. 

Leveraging Technologies

We have both internal and external software expertise at our disposal. Our team is well-versed in utilising software to automate your tailored data privacy remediation plan whether this be creating a log of processing activities or addressing Data Subject Rights. Our partners can ensure a seamless and cost-efficient transition to automation for you. 

Independent Approach

Independency is a main tenet of the DPO’s role. Outsourcing is beneficial in that it prevents and protects the independency of the DPO function at its very outset. Where the DPO is working as an extended member of the internal team, they do not determine the purposes and means of data processing rather can observe business and legal practices from an objective perspective. 

DPO Enquiry—

To find out more about whether or not you need a Data Protection Officer, DPO registrations, or how to address certain data privacy challenges get in touch with our legal team here. 

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