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Data Privacy Consultants

Data Privacy Consultants.
A modern approach to Data Privacy

We enable our clients to lead by example, addressing common data privacy pain points through solutions that exceed industry expectations.

Data privacy has become a cornerstone of trust and integrity. We recognise the importance of safeguarding sensitive information across organisations that operate across different geographies and sectors. Dealing with local regulations is not enough. With GDPR's territorial scope and growing consumer presence worldwide, it is critical to be able to cater to data privacy requirements in a compliant, scalable and sustainable way. 

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the full spectrum of data privacy services required for you to deal with local and global challenges. Our team of consultants and legal experts are well placed to guide you through the intricacies of the GDPR and other evolving data protection requirements. 

How we address
your data privacy challenges

We look to simplify meeting data privacy requisites. So, if you're looking to get this box ticked, we can help. But we also take it a step further, unlocking solutions that are practical and not allowing local privacy regulations to hinder functionality, operations, or user experience. Work with us to develop leading data privacy policies & notices, assets, processes, and documentation. Or simply to adapt existing ones to changing strategies or new data privacy regulations.

Strategy &

Discovery & Assessments

Data Privacy

Data governance looks at the strategy, vision, processes, people, and technology behind the effective management of an organisation's data.  Data privacy practices are as good as the data governance behind them. We help our clients unlock the value of their data through tailored and scalable data governance frameworks.

Audits and assessments are used to identify our clients' data privacy capabilities and maturity. They are the foundation of any data governance and we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver findings that are insightful and actionable.  The range of audits we offer includes: Gap & Readiness Assessments, Maturity Assessments, 3rd Party & Vendor Assessments, and M&A Data Privacy Assessments.

Our remediation services are designed to be tailored to our clients' requirements. Leverage the experience of our consultants and legal experts to resolve gaps, issues and risks, as well as mitigate against future ones.  We can support you to design, develop and deploy solutions and best practice, following our assessments or any issues you've identified. Our remediation services also extend to the implementation of Standard Contractual Clauses and Contract Remediations. Our bottom line is to advise and deliver leading and sustainable data privacy practices.

Data Privacy Consultants lines

Data privacy is not one-size-fits-all.
We recognise that each business operates differently and requires tailored solutions. Our end-to-end services are designed to offer lasting solutions that are fit-for-purpose and adaptable to future requirements. 

Our best practice

Lex Dinamica's approach to Data Privacy

Best practice is not just meeting regulatory requirements. It's about going beyond compliance and developing capabilities that help you adapt to a growing organisation and changing requirements. 

Implementing best practice allows you to scale your capabilities and delivers benefits that extend far beyond box-ticking exercises. Below you can find examples of how we adopt a practical and tailored approach to some common requirements:

Policies are a staple of any data governance and help to clarify and communicate your data privacy practices to stakeholders.

We ensure that they cover the relevant regulatory requirements, reflect your data strategies and practices, and are easily understood. 

From the simplest to the most intricate notice, our best practice ensures that policies follow a 'legal design' approach. Our data privacy team can help with ensuring that each processing activity and consumer data record is linked to a privacy notice, as well as delivering and optimising: Data Subject Rights Policies, Data Retention Schedules, Data Retention Policies, Local or Group-level Notices, and accelerators to facilitate the management of these assets. 

Data Privacy Consultants tracks

Our solutions are designed to address data privacy regulations worldwide, including: GDPR, UK’s GDPR, PECR and DPA, China’s PIPL, Canada’s CCPA, California’s new CPRA, Virginia’s CDPA, Brazil’s LGPD, South Africa’s POPIA, India’s PDP, New Zealand's Privacy Act, Japan’s APPI, and the Swiss nPDA. We also help our clients prepare for emerging data privacy legislation, such as the UK's Data Protection & Digital Information Bill.


Leverage our team's collective experience of implementing transformational data privacy programmes and solutions across transnational and multinational organisations to help you adapt to growing requirements and risks.

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